Should You Diversify Into Multifamily, Part 3

The Importance of Value-Add Investing By: Carl Pankratz In Part 1 of this series, we outlined the overall benefits of investing in multifamily real estate.  Part 2 included reasons why property management is key to success (and how we emphasize in-house management for the benefit of our investors and residents).  In this, the final installment, […]

Should You Diversify Into Multifamily, Part 2

Property Management Effective Property Management = Higher Likelihood of Success You may have heard that you make your money in real estate when you buy a property, meaning your purchase price determines success. However, while there is some truth to that, if you don’t have effective property management, it will be very difficult to maximize […]

Should You Diversify Into Multifamily?

Multifamily Real Estate Investment – Part 1 Any investor looking to seriously build their wealth and add more diversity to their portfolio should consider investing in multifamily real estate. If your goal is to accumulate net worth, take a moment to read why multifamily real estate is a high impact investment strategy you can use.  […]

Invest With Those You Trust

You’re an investor, and you’ve tried traditional investments, but you’re ready for more. You want something that gives you better, more consistent returns with less headache to achieve your investing goals more quickly. You know that most of the millionaires and billionaires in the US have improved their financial situation through investing in real estate […]