Our Services


EXPPG, LLC DBA Exponential Property Group is a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage in the State of Texas. (TREC License number 9001260) EXPPG is an important piece of the Exponential Property Group of Companies as it allows the managers to deal directly with other brokers, saving time and hassles. Having an in-house brokerage firm creates additional value to investors as a portion of the commissions received are frequently rebated directly back to the project on both the purchase and sales sides, which drastically reduces expensive transactional and closing costs. We provide brokerage services to third party investment groups who are interested in being represented by a broker team that specializes in B & C Class multifamily assets in the Texas market. Our excellent reputation with the close-knit broker community has paid off, in that we are able to provide our clients with timely information on available properties and off-market deals. And since we scrutinize all offers with increased interest and seriousness, our clients’ offers have a better success rate for acceptance.


Kimberly Radaker and Will Crozier founded The Exponential Property Group of Companies in 2010. Exponential specializes in repositioning value add, multi-family assets throughout all major Texas markets. Through professional asset management and a high level of integrity, Exponential increases the value of properties while dramatically improving quality of life for its residents. Exponential Property Group has successfully closed nearly $150 Million in Multifamily Assets. Exponential Property Group derives stakeholder value through hands on asset, property, and construction management. Our results are only possible due to the careful creation of our vertically integrated business model. This vertical integration provides our investors with multiple channels of reduced cost, increased oversight, marketplace agility, and product focus. The Exponential Property Group of Companies combines entrepreneurial innovation with a low risk/high return environment to create the SOLE investment vehicle the company owners and families are invested.

Project Management

Exponential Property Group’s in-house construction crew is available to work on third party communities. We built this group out of necessity for our own projects, as no team existed in our local market that could achieve the quality and speed we required. Through successive iterations of rehab projects, our team honed and refined our system of operation. Logistics have become an obsession of this group. Cost forecasting, on-time performance, as well as a high quality product are now realized, even on large-scale projects. We offer project consulting as a service to local or national groups interested in outsourcing the complex tasks of quality control, materials and labor management, deal assessments, job costing and projections. Please contact us to discuss details.

Material Sales

By drastically reducing material costs, we are able to significantly reduce remodeling costs, which not only allows for stronger offers during highly competitive negotiations, but also enables us to maintain bottom line profitability. Having this steady supply chain of current and popular product, along with providing logistics of supply in response to demand is an added element that is invaluable to our organization as well as other major industry leaders.

Property Management

Exponential Property Management, is Exponential Property Group's in-house management company. Formulating the plan for a property upgrade or repositioning is a large undertaking, but executing on the plan requires discipline, creativity, attention to detail and the ability to alter course quickly and decisively based on up to the minute data. Being able to control the execution plays a huge role in the success of our projects and is why we started a management company to manage all of the properties we own. It gives us ability to watch the small details of each property, hand pick the staff we employ, and influence the properties’ financial outcomes more directly. In addition to managing properties owned by Exponential Property Group we provide third-party management services to select other owners as well offering them the opportunity to apply our experience and hands-on methods to their properties as well.